Add a currency converter to your website, wordpress site or blog for free using the currency converter.

The free currency converter widget includes over 100 currencies to convert from and to at your own website using the live rates from Simply select the default currencies for the converter and click "Generate Code". The HTML code on this webpage will then be reloaded which you can copy to your website. Please read the terms and conditions below.

Currency converter widget

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The HTML code will be displayed below. Copy this code to your website, blog or wordpress site

<div id="exchange-widget" data-base="GBP" data-target="EUR"></div> <link href="" rel="stylesheet"> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

BEFORE ADDING THE CONVERTER TO YOUR SITE: Please read the terms of condition of use for the currency converter below.

The above HTML code will result in the below Currency Converter Widget appearing on your website Currency Converter on your website

Over 100 currencies featured

Over 100 currencies feature in the currency converter including the popular Pound, Euro, US dollar, Swiss Franc and more.

Live rates

Live rates are used for all currency calculations using our currency widget.

Quick and simple to add to your website

Simply add the code to your websites coding to add a currency converter to your website.

Terms and Conditions of Use for the Currency Converter Widget

By using this currency converter widget you agree for usage of the widget on your website to be monitored. Specifially we monitor the website(s) the widget is used by and also the conversions made using the widget on the websites it is used on. The primary reason for monitoring usage is to identify abuse. If we discover abuse of the widget we retain and reserve the right to terminate the use of the widget which will be communicated to you. The widget is designed to be used on websites, blogs, forums and more

You cannot use the currency converter widget on an Intranet or use amongst a/your company's employees. The currency converter widget must be usable by the general public on your commercial/business website. and its owners shall not be liable for loss either by the user or third party incurred, monetary or otherwise. Whether the loss is direct or indirect of the use of the widget its owners shall not be liable for losses or damages incurred in connection with the website wdigets or content.